University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Student exhibitions lie at the core of the material culture program at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Eight different courses produced exhibitions and two more (fall spring this year) have produced object studies from a local historical society for a new museum. These include both undergraduates and graduate students. I will look forward to talking about the projects.

There is not an easy institutional frame to find these, although I have several links on my faculty page. The easiest way to get a whole sense of them in on my new personal under the header "some exhibitions" and the pages there contain most info including videos and descriptions. These exhibitions have been held in at the Smithsonian (woo-woo), a regional gallery, university art museum, the university art museum plus two science buildings. and the art library.

One suggestion is we talk about the necessity of teaching objects, contexts, and curatorial practice often in short time period.

Another is the distinction between traditional and guerilla installations.


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